Connect Wednesday

The group is for anyone across the team who would like to meet up midweek for an informal chat, followed by the chance to reflect together on a bible passage. Team Vicar Hugh has been reading a book ‘The Awesome Journey’ by David Adam and feels there is rich application for our current journey into the unknown, both individually and collectively, through the implications of the coronavirus.

So we start with coffee and cake at 1.30pm every Wednesday, and at 2pm we read and reflect on one key chapter in the lives of a bible character, eg Adam, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Elijah and Isaiah (that’s how far I’ve got at present!). Hugh will set the characters and passages in context, and after reading and a time to reflect, will encourage feedback by anyone online. There are no right or wrong answers, just great opportunities to learn from each other! Finish time: 3pm

How to Join

Please click on the ‘Link to Meeting’ to join. Or click here and use use the ‘Meeting ID’ and ‘Password’ to join.

Link to meeting:

Meeting ID: 937 345 9226
Password: 5000